Thank You TCR Seniors

Thank you Coach Martin, Coach Sluder, TCR soccer players, and parents for coordinating a ‘thank you’ for our Seniors: Katie, Gloria, Caroline, and Nola!

This season – or lack thereof – is not only a loss of great competition, great opportunity to shine (for older players AND new), but also a loss of spending time with our best friends .. with our mentors .. with our extended family. All of the girls experienced this, and now we get to look to the future.

As Coach Martin said today, we “..have a bigger family”.

Thanks for the memories !!!


Thank you players, coaches, parents, and fans for all the support, direction, love, and friendship this season. It was one to remember. As Coach Martin said tonight, “this team ranks as one of the best teams of all time at TCR, and that’s saying something.”

2018 TCR Lady Rams
2018 TCR Lady Rams

Of note, and referenced at tonights Spring banquet,

Ram Award – Kennedy Rucker
Most improved – Amber Gay
Team Before Self – Mollie Brewster
Coaches Award – Mazie Hughes
Co-MVP – Hope Ingram
Co-MVP – Sarah Lewis

And, a special shout out to Hope Ingram for being named to the All Mid-Atlantic team.

THANK YOU For Your Support

Last night, Hough defeated our Rams .. and that makes this post both an easy and a hard one. In one sense, it’s easy because we get to say ‘thank you‘ to the players, the coaches, the families, and the friends for all the fantastic support we received during this season. In his first season as head coach, Josh Martin finished with an amazing 21-4-3 record.

Our senior’s career stats are as follows:
Bradley Jennings – 9 goals 7 assists
Luke Jennings – 4 goals 4 assists
Kevin Ramirez – 12 goals 4 assists
Bradley Elliott – 2 goals 2 assists
Garrett Douglas – 19 goals 9 assists
Imanol Yepez-Frias – 20 goals 12 assists
Tanner McElreath – 3 goals 3 assists
Chris Gregario – 7 goals 4 assists
Jesus Morales – 1 goal 1 assist
Jason Ingerick – 4 goals 8 assists
Evan Goosmann – 57 wins/14 losses/5 ties
                                416 saves/58 goals against
                                43 shutouts

Evan’s 43 career shutouts is a school record. And, 43 shutouts ties Evan for third in North Carolina state history (see a PDF of NC records HERE).

But, it is also hard because last night our team walked off the field for the final time this season. It’s hard for the eleven seniors to take it all in knowing one chapter of your high school career has ended. But, I also hope that – in time – they can appreciate the very special bond that this team meant to them and to the rest of us.

Most of the boys will be back next year and a lot of talent will be coming up from the Freshman and Sophmore ranks. So, there is a lot to look forward to. And, we can’t forget to look ahead to the Women’s season in the spring!

Again, I say THANK YOU ! Go Rams !!