JBL still flooded

JBL is underwater again after last Friday’s rains. Per the Citizen-Times, a new damage assessment is underway. A link to the article is HERE.

” JBL has been inoperable for nearly a year since a record May 30 flood covered the East Asheville complex with 10 feet of water, depositing a thick layer of silt on the four artificial turf fields. Additional smaller floods and missteps in a federal aid application delayed the reopening.

“Soccer officials say it wouldn’t make sense to abandon JBL because it would be hard to find another affordable site. A smaller complex, Buncombe County Sports Park, has grass fields that were built on clay and can’t be used in the rain, though artificial turf is planned there.”

Exciting rivalry week

What an exciting week. First, defeating Asheville High in the rain on Monday and then defeating Reynolds in a very contested effort!

WLOS coverage

Citizen-Times Photos of game

As soon as I can, I will get what pictures I have up to Shutterfly. Check back with tcrsoccer.com.

**SPECIAL NOTE: The Enka game will be played at ROBERSON on Monday**